Right in the heart of Jeddah city, there lays Renz hotel like an oasis with all its comforts and relaxation.

Here, we do not only offer an easy access to all the major attractions of city but we also take care of health and looks of our customers. Let us make you feel refreshing, active and smarter than ever before. We are right at your service when you come back to rest after a hectic visit to shopping malls, theme parks and restaurants. It is the time to have a look at your health and appearance which will be done with our health and spa facilities.

Here lay all the facilities meant for you leisure and health to make you feel pleasingly amazed with the space and service quality. At Renz hotel, we recognize you as our customers looking for freedom and relaxation. This is only possible if you try your best to stay fit, robust and healthy. We are here to help you with this along with our qualified experts.


Our message services are targeted to make you feel comfortable in a contemporary environment. Our message experts make sure that you will leave all the stress and fatigue here and go out fresh and active for the next big day of your life.


No one from our guests has to compromise on his/her exercise routine during his stay with us at Renz hotel. This is the reason that we have installed a high tech gym in our hotel to provide you with this facility with maximum convenience. There is no regular exercise equipment which you will miss in our gym.