We, at Renz hotel, are at your service with all the amenities and comforts on Palestine Street, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia at approx. 10 kilometres distance from King Abdulaziz International Airport.

Jeddah is considered the heart of Saudi Arabia while Palestine street being its most important and sought after location in the city. It is conveniently located nearby a number of important government offices, business hubs, shopping malls and recreational facilities.

Here comes the exact location of Renz hotel where we provide the utmost quality of services to our guests. Palestine Street is the main Hub of Jeddah and handily linked to various important sights of the city. You will get to visit countless eating places including international and national restaurants, theme parks and many other recreational resources in the vicinity of Palestine Street.

Palestine Street has nearly everything to suite every taste. From fast food to local and international hotels, you will have a choice to enjoy any food item customised to suit your preferences in taste.

Other important recreations near Palestine Street are:

  • Al Balad (Historic city center)
  • Sea shore
  • Museum Nassif House
  • Jeddah Fountain
  • Al-Tahliah street full of internatinal brand-name stores
  • Al-Andalus and Al-Salamah mega shopping malls