Ali Al-Nishaily, also known as RENZ, is an aspiring and determined Saudi hotelier who has worked in a number of international brands. In 2010 he started service apartment in Jizan city which characterized the very best in its corresponding market.

It was 2013 when he recognized the potential of Palestine road for attracting national and international guests. The road is main hub of Jeddah with great numbers of national and international restaurants, cafes, theme parks, shopping centers and car renters.

This Road was bustled in 2013 when the strong determination of Ali Al-Nishaily took him to open a brand new Renz Hotel. His core aspiration behind this hotel was to provide affordable and contemporary accommodation for Saudi families as well as international travelers. The hotel had a stunning building which soon became an enviable sight of the entire road.

Under the guidance and supervision of Ali Al-Nishaily, Renz Hotel instantly became the venue choice for meetings, weddings and pleasant dwelling. This auspicious beginning took Renz Hotel to become a customer oriented, well managed and exciting place for stay. We used our capability to offer affordable prices amid tremendous hospitality and service to stand out among other conventional hotels nearby.

The Renz Hotel today offers distinctive services with fine residence within your means prices. Our guests correlate the name Renz Hotel to matchless experience and properties which show our warm hospitality. We, at this hotel, make sure that our customers will remember their trip for a very long time. This in return pledges to take them back in our hotel for reviving all the wonderful memories.

We have established our self as a true luxury player at modest pricing. Our team continuously reviews the opportunities in markets all over the kingdom to make sure that Renz Hotel achieves its long term goals of expansion.

While we grow, we do not forget the most valuable human resource which helps us to maintain the image of magnificent comfort and glorious experience. Therefore the company continuously invests behind to keep them motivated while stepping forward.